Bryan Geary & Carl Sorrell - The OPF Leadership Team

The OPF leadership team has a combined 60 years experience in manufacturing, ceramic engineering, business development, and operations excellence. Bryan Geary and Carl Sorrell provide leadership and direction to the OPF Enterprises team, as well as work directly with clients.

Bryan Geary — President, OPF Enterprises
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Brian Geary, President OPF EnterprisesPrior to co-founding OPF Enterprises in 2010, Bryan held increasingly responsible positions in manufacturing operations over a 25 year span. His positions included laboratory manager, production supervisor, production manager, plant manager, and director of manufacturing.

His international successes in ceramic materials, technologies, and processing have led him to be a transformation agent for R&D groups transitioning to manufacturing.

Bryan’s expertise includes all technical aspects of ceramic proppant including formulation and manufacturing as well as a thorough knowledge of traditional ceramic manufacturing, improvements, and business development. He is also highly adept in manufacturing improvements, plant expansions and re-fits, as well as new plant construction.


Carl Sorrell — Vice President, OPF Enterprises
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Carl Sorrell, Vice President OPF Enterprises and Manufacturing / Ceramic ConsultantBefore co-founding OPF Enterprises, Carl spent 35 years in the operations side of the ceramic industry. He held increasingly responsible positions including production operator, front line supervisor, engineering manager, maintenance manager, plant manager, director of research and development, and vice president of manufacturing.

He is adept in plant construction and expansions, process improvements, and budgeting and planning. His industry experience includes ceramic proppant, refractories manufacturing and construction, and ceramic tile and brick.

Carl holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Ceramic Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla (now Missouri Science and Technology).