What We Do

We are problem solvers.

Whether you are an individual with a material or business idea, an existing manufacturing firm wishing to enter a new market, or a new group seeking to develop a product and business, we can help you.

We are a group of ceramic engineers, ceramists, and manufacturing professionals whose leadership team has spent more than a combined 60 years “playing in the dirt.”

We have been responsible for multiple, manufacturing plant design/builds, which we started and ran as well. OPF stands for On the Plant Floor, and that is where we continue to live and work.

OPF is active on four continents — North America, South America, Europe and Asia — and we expect that we will soon be active in Australia as well. Our international projects have included:

  • Mineral evaluations
  • Manufacturing plant design
  • Process improvements in existing factories
  • Market evaluations
  • New product development / start-up


We analyze and evaluate raw materials, formulate and perform property testing, and upscale management for firms who want to supply materials or manufacture proppants.

We will develop capex, opex, and staffing plans for your operation, be it large or small, from the mine to finished product shipping.

We design manufacturing processes, specify equipment, and can serve as owner / representative during all phases of construction and start-up.

If you purchase proppant, we test all forms of proppant in our own laboratory using ASTM, ISO, and API methods and standards. To make sure you are receiving consistent, in-spec material, we will also evaluate and audit your supplier, and we will do this at the manufacturing plant with our boots on the ground.

Ceramic Consulting

Our expertise in ceramics includes ceramic tile, inkjet printing, brick, sanitary ware, technical ceramics, abrasives and refractories. We are accomplished in body and glaze formulations and adept at finding solutions to problems. Whether your issues are in raw materials, mixing, grinding, drying, forming, firing or packaging, we can help find a solution.

Our expertise in design, specifications, and start-ups extend to the traditional and technical ceramic industries as it does in proppant manufacturing.

If you have an existing operation that needs improvement…that just isn’t quite meeting targets, we can help.  Our many years of manufacturing management and our successful six sigma lean manufacturing give us the technical expertise to improve your operation, and our years of on the plant floor can help you evaluate your personnel, build teams, and develop a plant culture that you and your employees can be proud of.

Business Development

Have an idea and wonder how you can commercialize it? OPF can help. We have worked with many individuals and groups to commercialize their ideas. Our extensive contacts in the industry ensure that we can reach out to decision makers and movers in your industry.

Have a plant and want to enter a new market? We can help with that, too. We can adapt your plant to a new process and product and can help you introduce it to the market.

Contact us to see how we can meet your needs.