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Rewarding Manufacturing Plant Employee Performance – Part 1

So…just how do you go about recognizing good performance among factory employees? You know you should do it, you know you need to do it, so why are we so bad as manufacturing leaders in doing it well? Virtually all companies go to some effort to give a bonus, however small, to the troops atContinue Reading

Two Essential Leadership Characteristics

Don’t Promote Failure “You cannot manage men into battle. You manage things; you lead people.” Grace Hopper (retired Admiral, U.S. Navy) If you Google “leadership” you will get about 139,000,000 hits. That’s one hundred thirty-nine million! It’s pretty obvious that a lot of people have ideas about leadership. If the sweetest sound a person can hear is his own name,Continue Reading

Mentoring in the Manufacturing Plant

Mentoring has been around forever, and before it was called mentoring, it was known as apprenticeship—the training novices went through before they could become journeymen. The apprenticeship training paired a master craftsman with a novice, and over a period of years, the old master imparted his techniques, tricks, and shortcuts, as well as his wisdom,Continue Reading

Manufacturing is Like Football

With fall comes the onset of football and the wind-down of baseball. We both love sports and of them all, we love baseball and football the most. There is just nothing like the crack of a bat during a World Series game or a leaping touchdown reception during the Super Bowl.Continue Reading

Chasing Ghosts in the Manufacturing World

Everyone is eventually faced with a situation in their professional careers when they don’t have the answer. If you are one who quietly sits back acting as if you have all the answers, you are only limiting your growth as an individual. A way to strengthen one’s attributes is to step outside of your comfortContinue Reading

“Cowboy Up” – Working Culture of the Plant Floor

If you look up the phrase “Cowboy Up” in the urban dictionary, (yes there is an urban dictionary) you will find the following explanations: When things are getting tough you have to get back up, dust yourself off and keep trying. Quit your bitching and be a man. When it gets tough start playing hard. WhenContinue Reading

Staying Humble

Looking In The Mirror For centuries it has been debated on what characteristics and skills define a great leader. Those of us that have realized the need to improve our skills and the ultimate responsibility to others for our actions, continue to look in the mirror. We accept that self-examination is not for vanity butContinue Reading

How Those Right out of College Can Be Better Prepared for the Work World

GUEST POST BY DIANA ANTHOLIS When you’re in college, you can’t wait to get to work. You dream of your own desk, paychecks, and social status among your peers. But then you get to work and realize that you have a tiny cubicle, less-than-expected dollar amounts in your paychecks, and no one cares about yourContinue Reading

Like a River’s Stone

Fishing on the South Fork in the Snake River just outside of Rigby, Idaho is an experience all should hope to have at least once in their lifetime. It was the end of September and the water already had the definite chill of winter’s approach. It was our first time at fly fishing thanks to our goodContinue Reading

Culture: By Design or Default

By S. Chris Edmonds of the Ken Blanchard Companies Mark was the president of a catalog printing & distributing plant outside of Minneapolis, MN. The plant’s parent company had completed an engagement survey and Mark’s catalog group had scored the worst of eight company plants. Mark gathered his senior leaders and they discussed what theyContinue Reading