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Celebrating Victories

An Integral Part of Building the Right Culture Most companies go to some effort to give a bonus, however small, to the troops at Christmas time. These are corporate devices and the only thing you have to do to get your turkey or gift certificate is to be an employee. This is not a celebrationContinue Reading

Is U.S. Manufacturing Dead?

In 2007 the industrial output of the United States was $2.69 trillion dollars, larger than the industrial output of China, India and Brazil combined. From 2000 to 2006 the industrial output of the United States has remained virtually unchanged. These statistics notwithstanding, manufacturing has been undergoing a massive change in the past twenty-five years. One in six manufacturingContinue Reading

A Treatise on Metrics

Outstanding Guest Post by Laurinda Bellinger Too often businesses set up reward systems and metrics based on outputs. We know that metrics are important but I’d like to assert the metrics we leaders set up are based on inputs not outputs. Far too often, we reward outputs only to discover we sacrificed safety, standard procedures. EvenContinue Reading

Poverty With a View

We live in a place of almost unimaginable beauty. Whether your preference is snow-capped mountains, fruited plains, or clear rushing rivers watering magnificent elk; this place has it all. Unfortunately, we don’t work here. Not really. Sure, we pay taxes and fees and are a part of the community but when work requires our physical presenceContinue Reading

In or Out of the Organization – Beyond Economics

We all know people that have lost their jobs in the past two years and nobody has to tell you we are in a terrible employment economy. If you are one of the unemployed, you may well say to yourself that once you find a job, you will never quit and will retire from thatContinue Reading

Culture Clash at Work

Office and Plant Culture The manufacturing environment involves two critical cultures of the workforce. One group spends their time in the plant managing the floor operations and the other in the office managing accounting, sales, marketing and so forth. At times these groups can appear from Mars and Venus. However they represent the overall companyContinue Reading

Are You an Artist? Painting the Big Picture.

Often we hear that you must look at the big picture, the overall good, and consider the best long term actions for the organization as a whole. Conveying a message from your superiors can often be confusing to or misunderstood by the troops in the field. Thus consider your ability to clarify and paint theContinue Reading

The Balance

Ouch! This subject area still hurts each time we bring it up. How many of us have struggled with finding a good balance between life inside the plant and life outside the plant? Okay, you can all put your hands down now. As a manager, the amount of dedication and sacrifice required on the plantContinue Reading

Developing an Atmosphere of Trust & Integrity

Full disclosure as defined in computer security means to disclose all the details of a security problem which are known. It is a philosophy of management completely opposed to the idea of security through obscurity. The theory behind this example involves exposing vulnerabilities openly so that quicker fixes are found and better security prevails. In realContinue Reading

The Walk

If you are an introvert, the plant floor can be difficult. You will need to interact with an extensive variety of individuals ranging from solid, hard-working people to those who seemingly having only one objective-making your life miserable. While this may not be their sole objective, it surely appears that way to you, and inContinue Reading