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Navigating the Government Procurement Maze – Phase 2

Lessons in Patience We decided that because we are pretty good at materials and materials processing that the DOE (Department of Energy) would be a good place to start our marketing effort. We have all heard about DOE recently but they do more than just issue loan guarantees to Solyndra. DOE currently operates 17 nationalContinue Reading

Navigating the Government Procurement Maze – Phase 1

Phase 1 — In The Beginning We fly to many airports, rent many cars, and stay in many hotel rooms. For the most part they are depressingly similar. And, thankfully, they are familiar. We don’t have to learn a different procedure for every airport boarding and hotel room we purchase for an evening. These suppliers ofContinue Reading

Failure IS an Option – Especially for Start-ups

In the movie Apollo 13, Ed Harris, playing NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz, yells out to the control room, “failure is not an option!” The movie tagline “Failure is not an option!” has since been used by U.S. Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, and, maybe, your boss to attach a sense of imperative to goals and plans.Continue Reading

Fear of What?

Going out on your own is a big step. Whether you are driven by entrepreneurial spirit or the ultimate frustration of working for someone else, you’re going to experience a lot of mixed emotions. This blog is not for the independent wealthy or those that for whatever reason can live by “if you have plenty of money,Continue Reading

Building the Plant Culture

We hear a lot about culture in our society today and are counseled by many to understand different religions, heritages, and ethnicities. We are not here to address these issues in a general way. We will be plant specific and we warn: Ignore the factory culture at your peril. Let’s look at a couple of differentContinue Reading