Lab Capabilities

Our formulation and testing laboratory, located in Houston, TX, is where we perform formulation research and testing , raw material research, and product development, as well as proppant testing per current ISO and API standards.

Areas of Expertise

Toll Processing – From ounces to pounds to hundreds of pounds, OPF can toll process your supplied materials to the next stage or to a finished product.

  • Particle size reduction-wet and dry grinding to micron size
  • Dispersions – Wet and Dry
  • Intensive Mixing of dissimilar materials and small concentrations
  • Forming-Wet and Dry
  • Calcining and Sintering-oxidizing and reducing atmosphere to 1600 C
  • Pulverization of Sintered Products-Wet and Dry

Raw Materials – global selection & sourcing, process qualification, and property testing. (More about Raw Materials)

Formulations – ceramic tile bodies and glazes, structural ceramic products, proppants, and technical ceramics. (More about Ceramic Formulations)

Kiln Firing Evaluations

– kiln curve optimization & test firings. We have several kilns 1600C in oxidizing, neutral, and reduction atmospheres.

Proppants – design, formulation, batching, property, and performance of ceramic proppants and frac sand. (More about Ceramic Proppants)

Dry and Wet Processes – OPF has multiple laboratories for developments in the dry and wet process of agglomeration and granulation. (More about our Wet Lab)

Analytical Testing – OPF can assess the suitability of materials for new products and processes in our state of the art testing lab. (More about our Analytical Testing Lab)

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