Material Testing

Proppants are sized particles mixed with fracturing fluid to hold fractures open after a hydraulic fracturing treatment. Proppants can range from naturally occurring sand grains to man-made or specially engineered proppants, such as resin-coated sand or high-strength ceramic materials made from clay or bauxite.

Mother nature has assured that raw materials considered for use in ceramics and proppants vary widely. Analytical testing can help qualify materials for use.

While analytical and physical testing can often disqualify materials for use, the final proof may be the use of materials in actual formulation followed by physical testing. OPF has long experience and success in successful formulations using materials that have been considered marginal.

Proppant Qualification

Proppant quality is vital for optimal well production. To provide an efficient conduit for production of fluid from the reservoir to the wellbore, proppants should be carefully sorted for size and sphericity, among other characteristics. As the variety of proppant options have increased, it is more important than ever to conduct proppant testing to ensure that proppants perform as well as expected in the field.

Our Houston lab is equipped to test both frac sand and ceramic proppants. Click the links below to learn more about OPF’s capabilities related to: