Chasing Ghosts in the Manufacturing World

Chasing_GhostsEveryone is eventually faced with a situation in their professional careers when they don’t have the answer. If you are one who quietly sits back acting as if you have all the answers, you are only limiting your growth as an individual. A way to strengthen one’s attributes is to step outside of your comfort zone and simply say “I don’t know.”

This seems to be a common phrase that most employees dread saying in fear of losing reputation, admiration, or even their job, but it doesn’t have to be. In actuality, it could be the most beneficial and constructive thing one could say for themselves and their team members. Lacking the answer to a problem doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not capable of solving it.

By asking ourselves, what is the most effective method to approach and how can it be achieved is the first step in a positive direction. We need to locate a resource that has expertise in the field, motivated, and committed to be involved. There is nothing wrong with wanting to spread the pain. We need a consultant. Whether it is a general business consultant, manufacturing consultant, leadership consultant, or specific field related consultant, getting someone in the operation from outside can often help find the ghosts much quicker. In other words some help to see the forest in spite of all the trees.

This can apply to a wide variety of professionals in various fields, but it unquestionably carries importance in the world of manufacturing. Chasing ghosts seem to manifest on a regular basis in our industry, which will inevitably cost the company valuable time and as we all know, time is money.

Once a suitable consulting group is located — one that fits into your process and culture — half the battle is won. The other half is having an open mind, identifying the problem, and planning an intelligent approach on resolving the issue.

No one wants to sit in a room and listen to someone scrutinize the imperfections of their operations, but everyone should want to hear past failures, what worked and what didn’t, and problem solving tactics to strengthen their operations in a teamwork atmosphere. Locating the right manufacturing consultant can transform your “I don’t know” about what was not working to “I now know how to improve what was working.”

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