Quick Blades

Quick_BladesOPF Enterprises proudly works with QuickBlades for all your mixing needs. QuickBlades offers free regular shipping on all blades. Over 20 years experience in the industry and proudly made in the USA.

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Quick Blade’s High Speed Dispersion Blades

  • Standard Blade – for most mixing and dispersing applications.
  • Turbo Blade – for applications where a heavier grind is required.
  • Turbo Pump Blade – for when both high dispersion and a pumping action are required.
  • Pump Blade – for blending, mixing, agitation.
  • Hydrofoil Impeller Blade – for blending, let down and gentle agitation of liquids.
  • Special / Custom Blades – available on request.
Quick Blade’s Coatings for Both Standard and Turbo Blades
  • Tungsten Carbide – Our hardest, most abrasion-resistant coating.
  • Teflon® and other coatings available on request.
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