Proppant Testing

Proppant testing has become increasingly important with the growth of fracturing proppant options available on the market. Recent studies show that many proppants do not perform as anticipated when used in the field and subjected to actual conditions of pressure, temperature, and fluid.

Better proppants make well production more efficient and effective making proppant selection vital to optimal well productivity. Proppant testing performed by OPF Enterprises can provide you with the information you need to determine suitability of proppants based on various factors.

Testing services we provide include:

  • Acid solubility – shows  the amount of undesirable contaminants in the sample
  • Bulk density – determines the mass of material needed to fill a storage tank, in particular the amount of material to use in the crush resistance testing procedure
  • Crush testing for all proppant classes – testing at multiple stresses to determine the highest stress levels at which the proppant generates no more than 10% fines
  • Sieve analysis – a composite sieve analysis to determine gradation
  • Specific gravity – determines the density of a particle by weighing a measured mass of proppant in a low-viscosity fluid
  • Sphericity and roundness – evaluates a representative sample of material under a microscope and compares particles relative to the degree of sphericity and roundness
  • Decline rate preparation for conductivity testing

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